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5G on my construction site

Construction Site Temporary Wifi

If you haven’t heard about 5G by now, you must have been hiding away in a cupboard or locked up in a Mobile Mini cabin or something – but just in case, before we get to the point of this post – here is a very short, basic explanation to help you with your construction […]

For THE BEST construction site WiFi, not all 4G was created equal

Site Wifi

Bear with us, it’s a technical topic but we’ve got a great tip for you here and we’ll make sure it’s easy to follow…. It’s probably fair to say that if you are using internet connectivity on your site, whether for connecting devices, plant and machinery or your team using their laptops, you will in […]

How to get reliable construction site wifi

Reliable Construction Site Wifi

There is no doubt that on the modern day construction site, whatever size or scale, you WILL need access to the internet. Whether it’s simply for the Project Manager to update documents or for monitored heavy plant, the performance of your construction site WiFi is likely to play a critical part in your productivity. How […]

What internet speeds do i need on my construction site?

Constructions Site WiFi Speeds

“How fast do I need the internet to be on my construction site?” Never has such a simple question had such a complex network of answers. Given the way we are all using the internet these days, some simple answers below relating to the types of normal usage and unless specified, relate to download AND […]

Home WiFi life hack

Home WiFi tips

Ever changed internet provider at home? Don’t you just love those ‘life hacks’ which involve the simplest of actions saving you time, effort and energy! Well, we have one for you. Have you ever changed internet provider? Chances are pretty high that you have. With so many providers out there competing for your business it’s […]

Preparing businesses for coronavirus

Working from home WiFi

Coronavirus declared a pandemic As the instances of Coronavirus sees its largest rise over the course of 24 hours, it has now been declared a global pandemic and businesses have already started to act. Business continuity plans have been invoked and many employees are advised against unnecessary travel. Corporates are instilling a ‘work from home’ […]

Has your Business Continuity plan been invoked in light of Coronavirus?

Office coronovirus

In light of the rise in cases of Coronavirus within the UK, companies have started to implement business continuity plans to protect workforces and try to mitigate the spread of the virus. Sony, Arquiva and Chevron all either made the decision to either move staff to alternative office locations within the last few days, or […]

Internet Business continuity / disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

In modern business practice, it would be considered normal to have a business continuity plan, covering what your business would do during an event which affects your ability to operate normally – combined with a disaster recovery plan, allowing you to rebuild your IT estate.  With both plans being tested and updated on a regular […]

Internet delay? Here are your temporary access options

Temporary office wifi

If you are moving office or setting up a new office and have ordered internet connectivity for your business then you need to consider what you will do while you wait for that fixed line connectivity to be installed.  It’s not always as clear cut as the provider installing in the first week after order […]

6 tips on BUYING Temporary WiFi

Short Term Event Wifi

When it comes to buying temporary WiFi for your business or event how do you know what to look for and how much you should be budgeting? Fli-Fi shares its 6 top tips on what to consider when sourcing temporary WiFi.  We will help you understand the functionality to look for and potential cost implications, […]

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