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Video Streaming

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Case Study


Video Streaming.

We received an enquiry to provide internet access for one day so a clothing range could be live streamed to social media on the launch day. Alexa Chung has a brand and reputation to protect and this important day needed to have connectivity capable of ensuring the live stream had enough available bandwidth on location in the middle of a Church.


1 x PaWXE with an Ethernet port dedicated to allow streaming hardware to connect up and a second PaW unit onsite for the production team.


Streaming of video feeds, WebEx sessions and conferences are situations where a permanent flow of data is needed.  It’s almost always in situations where it is critical, during a one off event which has been pre-planned to take place at a set time.  Our PaW is reliable, we test, you test and it works.

Alexa Chung Clothing Launch
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