Civil Engineering and Construction

Case Study


Civil Engineering site connectivity and WiFi

The initial requirement was to provide connectivity on a rural site supporting a number of High Speed 2 (HS2) environmental workers.  The site itself had significant challenges because of its location and also because of the nature of a fast moving civil engineering site, no part of the layout of the site would be static.

The existing workers were unable to even get on the phone without walking outside 50m from their cabins and completely unable to access their VPN, email or simple browsing.

After reviewing one site, we were also asked to include for a further two sites with similar issues.


After a site survey we recognised an ability to make use of multiple load balanced LTE (4G) to get the necessary bandwidth.  This capability combined with high end cloud managed wireless access points being located within cabins and in key external areas allowed full site coverage.

With all site staff able to have full VPN access and bandwidth capable of supporting >100 users it proved vital in keeping full operations running prior to and throughout the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic period.

With this setup and full support from Fli-Fi replicated across six different sites for the main contractor and sub-contractors, has meant that access to communications, often made so difficult in rural and remote areas on construction and civil engineering sites, became easy.


We want you to know that we specialise in difficult to operate environments.  Obviously there is a personal challenge for us to find an answer to every problem and we love that but we always find an answer to the problem.

Civil engineering and construction sites have their own unique challenges and no two are the same but with close support, it is possible to ensure you have uninterrupted internet access in any environment.

We have proven experience in creating temporary wireless networks in difficult environments.

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