High Density Events

Case Study


High Density Events

The requirement was to provide unique time-based sessions for Pepsi Max guests to have high quality internet access in the middle of the Reading Festival, coupled with the guests being in their own private booths contained in a 10m high metal structure. Additionally, payment devices in the open bar area within the structure needed to have guaranteed access to take payments.


Single self-pointing satellite setup providing bandwidth of 50Mbps down and 12Mbps up which was balanced with an LTE (4G) setup to share the load during quieter times. Multiple wireless access points hard wired around the structure ensuring a large number of devices could connect, all cloud managed with a ticketing system for guests to have one off 60 minute 10 devices connectivity sessions.


A successful provision of WiFi for all Pepsi Max guests over the Reading Festival with no breaks in coverage even during peak periods when there were 100k+ onsite due to the satellite provision. We want you to know that there is always a way for us to provide connectivity, regardless of the density of event or location.

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