Large Construction Cabin

Case Study


Large Construction Cabin

The requirement was to provide connectivity and WiFi for 120+ staff based over 4 floors in a modular construction site cabin setup, with multiple printers, a large bandwidth requirement and a secondary physical network created in the same environment.


Multiple 5G and LTE (4G) networks load balanced with signal provided through roof mounted external antenna.  Internal connectivity made available across 10 wireless access points positioned across all four floors according to density of users, office space and meeting space.  This was coupled with multiple network switches to allow for hard wired devices and printers in key locations.  All supplied with unlimited data as well as full remote monitoring and support.


It’s useful to know that you can still have a large number of regular users operating over LTE (4G) and more recently 5G.  The bandwidth is comparable with expensive fibre fixed lines but when supplied by us it doesn’t come with the lengthy contract commitment that fixed lines require.  Overall bandwidth onsite made available at its peak is around 350Mbps down and 120Mbps up.

Yep, this sounds just like what I need