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Live location streaming at a high profile launch

Alexa Chung, the eponymous fashion brand, approached Fli-Fi to deliver a live location streaming service for a very special event.

Named after its Founder & Creative Director, Alexa Chung launched in 2017 to  create everyday clothing for women, combining distinctive fabrics and prints with classic tailoring.

In the 12 month build up to its launch day, a media communications campaign was devised to create hype with industry influencers, culminating in the big reveal; a reveal that would include a live fashion show attended by high profile individuals, to be live streamed worldwide.

When they approached Fli-Fi to provide the internet solution for the occasion, we felt privileged to be a part of it.  It was a one-time opportunity to ensure that the months of preparation resulted in a successful launch event, visible to the world.

Working at such a high-profile event and under intense pressure to deliver is a passion of ours, and we were determined to rise to the challenge.


In order to create awe-inspiring impact, a church located in a rural part of London was chosen as the backdrop the fashion show.

Specific requirements were:

  • Live broadcast of video and audio to the Alexa Chung website for the duration of the event
  • Live broadcast of imagery to social media channels
  • Internet access for the entire production crew

Providing live footage via a stable internet connection, with additional onsite WiFi was crucial in ensuring the seamless linking and timing of social media together with pre-event build up.

Because the location lacked an existing internet connection, we had to work from the ground up when coming up with the best solution for the job.


A survey of the site prior to the event enabled us to research the location in line with the type of usage, in order to ensure we knew what we were working with. With numerous variables at stake including building design and construction, network coverage, bandwidth required, and physical area to be covered, it was important to understand the brief fully.

Our systems enable us to run required surveys remotely, offering immediate data and solution planning whilst reducing overall cost. Two self-contained internet solutions were recommended to offer:

  • A dedicated live external feed that couldn’t be interrupted by excess traffic
  • Internet access to the production team, which could also be offered to guests.

On the day of the event an engineer attended location in order to guarantee on-time delivery and test the equipment in situ.

Easily deployed and requiring only a standard plug socket, both solutions were positioned close to the stream deck.  This allowed the production team to connect the streaming hardware to one of the dedicated units by ethernet cable, whilst the second unit was made available for the general production team via WiFi.


Once on-site, Fli-Fi’s on-site internet solutions were available for use within 10 minutes. Fast, Reliable, Secure.

The production team could immediately use their personal devices to connect out to the internet.

The hard wired stream deck obtained connection speeds in excess of the original requirement.

Our on-site support service provided peace of mind for the duration of the launch day, with live engineer monitoring during the stream and post-event reports provided on peak data usage.

Job done!

Afterthought .

Streaming of video feeds, Teams/Zoom sessions and conferences are situations where a permanent flow of data is needed.  It’s almost always in situations where it is critical during a one off event which has been pre-planned to take place at a set time.

Fli-Fi provides you with reliable connectivity. Tested, monitored and assured to make sure it works when you need it to. Give us a go, you won’t regret it.

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