Traders and Payment Devices

Case Study


Large volume traders.

Living North’s annual Christmas Fair brings huge numbers of traders and visitors to its temporary doors.  With at least 150 different small trading stands all keen to allow the several thousand customers each day to purchase by card, it was important to have a reliable and secure WiFi and internet connection in an outdoor environment within the grounds of the Newcastle Falcons Kingston Park stadium.


3 x PaWxe dual SIM 4G units covertly located around the marquees to ensure WiFi coverage and appropriate channel availability.  One secure network used purely for traders and their payment devices.


Across the three days traders were able to allow their customers to purchase with cards or review further product listings over the web.  Thousands of happy customers purchasing trouble free in a unique environment.

Ensuring payment devices are capable of operating securely is key to internet supply for traders and our PaWxe units made sure of this.

Yep, this sounds just like what I need