Unique Venue

Case Study


Unique venue with poor coverage

We were asked to provide connectivity for several hundred users at an event being held within the grounds of Stonor Park, in a valley where it is notoriously tricky to get any mobile signal.  With an event where guests would want to post to social media it was key that they could get enough bandwidth to put images and updates onto various social media platforms.


Satellite connectivity just wouldn’t be able to provide the necessary bandwidth and so multiple connections to the internet set up and configured away from the main site, with a long distance point to point put in place to push the coverage into the Stonor Park grounds.  This bandwidth was then made available over multiple hard wired high density wireless access points located around grounds.


We want you to know we are capable of providing creative solutions to challenging requirements.  When you have no coverage at all over mobile networks and satellite just won’t be suitable, we have other methods of getting bandwidth to where it is needed.

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