Gap Connect

Gap Connect is a temporary, business grade bespoke internet connection service provided by Fli-Fi.

We hire units to provide internet access for you until your fixed line connectivity has been brought into service or where you are using temporary premises. Check out our short video for an explanation of the service.

With our PaWxe units, we are capable of providing even the most demanding of offices with a solution to the gap in connectivity between your order or required by date and delivery.

Using available 4G networks, we provide a fully managed service for your office and can supply within very short timeframes if you need it.  We provide a low cost, completely tailored solution to match your requirement.


  • Bespoke configuration
  • Any period, from one day to one year and beyond
  • Ethernet and WiFi enabled access
  • A variety of fully managed service options
  • Connection in any environment or location
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“Fli-Fi helped us bridge a connectivity gap when we moved offices. They worked very hard to provide a connectivity solution that would allow us to function day to day with as little disruption and inconvenience to the team as possible.  We were not an easy client due to the technical challenges we faced but Fli-Fi never gave up and thanks to them we were able to work as normal while we waited for our Fibre Leased Line to be installed. They were always on hand to help whenever we needed, and we are very grateful for their knowledge and support.” Beck Thomas – Joule Africa

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