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The City, London

The Challenge

Client Requirements

Our client Capitolis are a global financial technology firm, who are heavily dependent on internet access and needed more office space to continue their growth without hindrance. Although they relocated their office within the same building their new workspace was without fibre connectivity. The new office space would need to wait at least 2-3 months for fibre connectivity and so they needed temporary internet connectivity and WiFi to be able to allow 30-40 members of the team to work normally from their new office.

Foreseen Challenges

The offices are in the heart of the City and sometimes in central London locations, mobile coverage can be extremely volatile because of fluctuations in footfall. Also, operating many floors up in a big tower can prevent normal mobile signals from reaching and allowing strong bandwidth.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

After an initial survey it was apparent that we could obtain a very strong 4G signal giving speeds of up to 150Mbps down and 80Mbps up which meant we had a wider range of options available to us. We decided on a very high powered commercial grade dual WAN router using both WANs in a load balanced configuration to double the available speeds, coupled with a pair of Ubiquiti cloud managed wireless access points to provide the WiFi.

Installation Process

All hardware was pre-configured at the lab so that it was a simple case of our engineer attending to power up the unit, install cable and mount the two wireless access points to provide coverage around the offices.

Support Given

As with all Gap Connect services from us, we provide round the clock monitoring and phone based support and in this case we placed the site into an enhanced level of support for the first week whilst we learnt more about the usage of the Capitolis team.


An excellent level of bandwidth for the offices has meant that the Capitolis team could move on time and continue operations without a hitch. It also took the worries away and pressure off the delivery of fibre as it no longer becomes the critical path.
"We were delighted to be able to get Capitolis online when they were potentially unable to complete an office move, it just meant they weren’t dependent on their internet providers long lead times."

Kevin Moxham

Fli-Fi - Operations

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