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Connect your event with confidence. Deliver seamless live streaming, take faster payments, and enjoy effortless communication. Whatever your pain point, let us take it away.
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For event teams that want to go faster

The very nature of events means that they can be located at beautiful, unusual or rural venues. The downside is that these venues often struggle when it comes to event connectivity. The challenges of large volumes of people with live streaming and the need to take payments can leave you heading for trouble. This is where Fli-Fi can help.


Corporate Events

Product Launches

Brand Promotions

Seasonal Fairs

Small Events

Simple, easy WiFi for small events

For smaller events, simple WiFi solutions can be delivered next day to your site. Starting from a single unit supporting up to 50 people over a single internet connection with unlimited data, you’ll get cost-effective connectivity for your team. All fully supported, with a friendly team on hand should you need it.
We know how important events are, and that it’s mission critical that we deliver. We’re pleased to boast a 100% success record when it comes to event connectivity.
And if you need to go larger, we can easily scale it up to fit. Why not contact us to get a quote?
“Thanks so much for supplying WiFi to the Gin & Fizz Festival. Everything worked perfectly, and the team were a delight to work with."

Helen Browning-Smith, Lewes District Council & Eastbourne Borough Council

Large Events

Event WiFi at scale, without limitations

Large events require a well-thought through plan when it comes to WiFi. Here at Fli-Fi, we create solutions that cater for thousands of people, support mission critical payments, allow live event streaming and enable large site communications.
Our customers are some of the largest event production teams in the UK, and we can report 20% increases in revenue thanks to taking faster payments on our WiFi network. Think of what your event could achieve with better connectivity.
“Speedy efficient service from Fli-Fi ensured we remained connected throughout our event. The team delivered excellent service."

Sian Clayton, The Persuaders

Gorilla Events

Gorilla Events

With revenue generation being a critical part of their events, Gorilla enlisted Fli-Fi to modernise their WiFi solutions at events including Henley Regatta and Wingfest to allow them to generate more ROI.

In 2022, takings increased by 20% on the previous year thanks to a higher throughput of payments.

Fli-Fi installed 4G/5G and leased line solutions, 60GHz wireless point-to-point links across rivers, Satellite solutions and multiple access points to ensure that mission critical connectivity was present for the duration of their events.

Immediate Media


Immediate Media’s corporate festival, IMFest, pushes the boundaries of digital event experiences with live streaming across the venue.

Fli-Fi supports the production team in achieving the digital innovation, powering the delivery of AV and social activity for the whole company to enjoy across multiple platforms.

It’s all about connecting the whole company through a single platform to create a totally immersive event experience.

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