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CRUK Event WiFi

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Event Connect WiFi


York Hall, Bethnal Green, London

The Challenge

Client Requirements

A repeat client, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) holds a charity version of Strictly Come Dancing where the famous York Hall venue in Bethnal Green gets decked out with glitter balls and dance floors for one incredible night. The venue is an only location where they do not have permanently available connectivity for events. Whilst we work on this with the venue, CRUK needed assured connectivity for their payment machines and production team throughout the event to ensure they could take donations and payments for drinks, as well as live stream online to the UK and post social media about the event.

Foreseen Challenges

We know the venue well and so the only challenges we could see were ensuring that the live stream was separated from all other connectivity to ensure that neither impacted each other.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

Our ‘go-to’ event pack of a dual WAN configuration coupled with several high density wireless access points was selected for this. It would allow for clear separation of traffic on different routes for streaming and ‘other’, with a granular level of monitoring to help keep an eye on live activity.

Installation Process

Two engineers attended early morning with all equipment pre-configured so that it was just a case of locating the hardware, installing cables and testing.

Support Given

Because of the criticality of connectivity at the event, we retained an engineer onsite for in-person support and monitoring until the last scores were in (better than sevennnn) and the partygoers had left. Once complete the engineer took down all equipment leaving no footprint onsite.


A great, fun event all in the name of charity which was a success. All payment devices, streaming and production team staying online throughout.
"This is the second time we’ve used Fli-Fi and based on our experiences, there will be many more!"

Sarah Parker


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