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Construction WiFi


Warwickshire, Gloucestershire

The Challenge

Client Requirements

Fli-Fi was approached to help connect environmental organisations working on enabling works for the HS2 construction project. Working in temporary offices in rural locations across Warwickshire, the requirement was to build connectivity solutions that could be moved across different sites as the project progressed. Because of the nature of a fast-moving civil engineering site, no part of the layout of the sites would be static.

Foreseen Challenges

The sites themselves had significant challenges because of their locations, which offered little 4G coverage. Existing workers were unable to access their systems via mobile hotspots, having to walk outside of their cabins just to make a call as the signal was so poor. We were also aware that equipment could also be moved around on site, so we needed to build something robust to account for these circumstances.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

In order to secure a strong enough internet connection to each location, high-gain antennas were distributed at height. A WiFi network was then designed to distribute connectivity to all construction cabins across the site. This main design could be replicated across every site, with the WiFi network being adapted for each location. Minimal rebuild time was factored into the solution so that with each relocation, reduced engineering time could keep costs to a minimum.

Installation Process

Fli-Fi’s experienced construction engineers attended every site to install or relocate the connectivity solution when required, carrying all necessary safety equipment required for construction projects of this nature. RAMS processes were meticulously followed to ensure that health and safety was adhered to, and each installation was tested and commissioned to ensure that they teams could access the internet in each cabin.

Support Given

Fli-Fi delivered remote support throughout the service provision, with the commitment of on-site engineering presence ,if required, to fix or resolve any problems that could not be managed remotely.


All main contractors and sub-contractors working on the project were able to access seamless internet connection across the six sites. Access to systems was reliable and fast, meaning that productivity could remain high at every location. This meant that poor connectivity could no longer be a risk to the delivery timescales of the enabling works.
"This is such an important project that we’ve felt honoured to be involved, and play our small part in delivering to the timeframes required. Small operational slips can mean big project delays – something we were very mindful with during such early stages."

Ashley Smith

Director, Fli-Fi

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