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The Challenge

Client Requirements

Immediate Media runs a summer festival each year for around 400 of their staff. The festival is an opportunity to build inter-company relationships, share company news, learn new skills, socialise, and thank the staff for their hard work -all whilst having a lot of fun. Held in a different location every year, the event combines state of the art audio-visual technology for broadcasting company and guest speakers, live streaming of social feeds, and music to rival the likes of Glastonbury. Connectivity is needed across the event sites for the production and tech team to tie the event together and deliver an experience to remember.

Foreseen Challenges

Held at a different location every year, the venues also need to be remote enough to allow for loud sound volumes, which often means uncertain, and potentially very poor, mobile phone coverage. Set-up is required on the morning of the event, giving little time to test the solution at the event site, and make changes, before go-live.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

Fli-Fi’s event connect solution is a pre-staged, ready to deploy WiFi service designed to work straight out of the box. Multiple 4G connections with high gain antennas ensure the best signal for the team. Site-wide Wi-fi distribution is optimised for areas where the production and tech team are based.

Installation Process

On-site installation with a qualified WiFi engineer is delivered in under 1 hour. Connectivity is fully tested and commissioned for use before guests arrive at midday.

Support Given

With months of preparation, and high value guest speakers and DJs, Fli-Fi provides on-site support throughout the event to ensure that the event goes without a hitch. The service is then de-rigged after the last guests leave.


Fli-Fi has supported 5 of Immediate Media’s IMFest event all with smooth delivery and seamless connectivity throughout the course of the one-day event. Our engineers work closely with the production team and subcontracted AV, Sound and Tech teams and over the years have built a good understanding of what’s expected at each event.
"The Fli-Fi team have provided excellent, strong and reliable WiFi for Immediate Media’s annual corporate summer festival for over 5 years now. Will, Ashley, and the team are a pleasure to work with, going beyond their role to make sure everything runs seamlessly. Their service is quick, reliable, and efficient, so we’d highly recommend to anyone looking for temporary WiFi solutions."

Jess Sumby

Events Manager, Immediate Media

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