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Connectivity for LRES

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Site Connect WiFi


Newhurst Energy Recycling Facility, Loughborough

The Challenge

Client Requirements

A recently built power station needed to enter a shutdown phase after commissioning prior to going live. During this shutdown phase all operations and staff have to relocate onsite to temporary cabins within the grounds. The requirement was to provide internet connectivity for a four week period to nine separate cabins with up to 40 staff spread out across them.

Foreseen Challenges

We had already provided to this location during the build phase and although everything had been removed many months prior, we did know that the only expected challenges onsite were the inter-cabin cabling runs, as we couldn’t get sight of the cabin configuration until arrival onsite to deliver the solution.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

A simple setup of a commercial grade dual WAN 4G router with externally mounted antenna combined with nine cloud managed Ubiquiti access points for the WiFi.

Installation Process

Our engineers arrived with pre-configured hardware to mount access points, run cabling and test the solution in position. This was all completed successfully on a single day.

Support Given

Our standard remote monitoring and support was all that was needed on this installation.


A completely uneventful but successful installation of temporary connectivity helped facilitate the power station shutdown. It feels strange to not really be adding lots of detail onto this case study but sometimes it can just be an unremarkable and simple setup which works and passes by ‘seen and not heard’, which is just how we like it.
"We work really hard to create bespoke solutions for connectivity challenges and this was an interesting site for us to supply to. We had a tight schedule which thankfully went without any delays."

Colette Rinaldi

Office Manager

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