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Pop-up Store for Pandora

Service Type

Event Connect WiFi


Tower Bridge, London

The Challenge

Client Requirements

Our client was creating a one-of-a-kind pop-up store for Pandora in the run up to Christmas, hosted on the Potters Fields Park beside Tower Bridge for a two-week period. The store would be surrounded by hundreds of LED displays which would create digital imagery and show off creative efforts by visitors who had produced them inside the store. The pop-up store needed to be connected to the internet to allow for remote support of the displays and computers forming the technical element of the store, in addition a payment station inside needed connectivity to take payments.

Foreseen Challenges

Potters Fields Park is a difficult environment for anything trying to work with the mobile networks as signal can be so variable and dependent on footfall. Additionally, the complex build and de-rig meant that we had very specific timeslots to install and test any hardware.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

A dual WAN 5G solution capable of operating on multiple networks concurrently to minimise the risk of footfall degradation.

Installation Process

Pre-installation, multiple technical calls with the various build partners allowed us to express any requirements from us but also to be able to understand where we could slot into the various timings. On build day an engineer attended with pre-configured hardware to install and test on location.

Support Given

Our remote monitoring and alerting process allowed us to keep a close eye on the hardware to make sure there were no problems with the activation itself. In addition, our support team were on the end of the phone during activation hours, as well as on a direct WhatsApp group with our client and the event manager.


A real showcase of technology by Pandora, underpinned by an assured minimum 30Mbps synchronous connection throughout meant that the only issues they were likely to suffer were some rather large queues at the front door!
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