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Pepsi Max Tower Connectivity

Service Type

Temporary Wifi


Reading & Crystal Palace

The Challenge

Client Requirements

The requirement was to provide one-off time-based WiFi sessions for VIP guests to the Pepsi Max tower. As part of this service, a high-quality internet access was needed to connect customers for social media, vlogging, email, and digital networking activities, so they could promote the brand and the event. The solution had to provide connectivity for both Reading Festival and Wireless Festival.

Foreseen Challenges

The WiFi solution had to work in private booths, inside a 10m high contained metal structure. Payment devices in the open bar area within the structure needed to have guaranteed connectivity to take mission-critical payments.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

Fli-Fi’s event connect service utilised satellite connectivity as its internet provider. As a backup, 4G was also installed to guarantee strength of service at all times. Multiple wireless access points hard-wired around the structure ensured a large number of devices could connect simultaneously. A ticketing system would allow guests a one-off 60-minute connectivity session to cover them for the duration of their allocated time slot.

Installation Process

A qualified Fli-Fi engineer was assigned to install the solution, and test that each booth offered good access the internet. Payment connectivity was also tested prior to the start of the festival to leave nothing to chance.

Support Given

Remote support was provided throughout the event, so in the event of any problems Fli-Fi could manage the WiFi service from mission control.


A successful provision of WiFi for all Pepsi Max guests was delivered to both Reading and Wireless Festivals, with no breaks in service even during peak periods when over 100,000 festival goers were onsite, fighting for 4G. Fli-Fi has deployed this service at 4 festivals to date.
"Reading and Wireless Festivals see huge numbers of festival goers, all fighting for the limited connectivity available. Being able to provide the Pepsi Max tower with a reliable solution is really satisfying for the team, as we know how much they need it for their event to be a success."

Ashley Smith

Director, Fli-Fi

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