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Henley, Oxfordshire

The Challenge

Client Requirements

Stonor Park is an incredible country estate in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. Home to the Stonor Family for over 850 years, it is one of the oldest family homes still lived in today. Across the year, they allow events to take place around the estate, ranging from hosting the BBC’s ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ through to large craft fairs, music festivals, motor shows and even a circus. The area is a total mobile signal flat spot. Being located in a valley, means that there is no mobile phone signal on the estate to even make a call, let alone get internet access. The Stonor estate required a connectivity solution for customers to use during events held around the grounds and estate, an essential element for these large events to take place. The solution needed to provide the reassurance that in this increasingly cashless environment, critical devices and payment machines work for each and every transaction taken. Each large event has its own unique requirement ranging from a few dotted point of sale machines dotted around the park to large scale events hosting thousands of visitors in a short space of time. For each circumstance we are required to design, build and deploy the correct solution to ensure the best user experience.

Foreseen Challenges

The single biggest challenge with Stonor Park is the lack of any existing coverage. Not only does it mean that 4G and 5G solutions are not viable, but it also means that any coverage supplied, if used by visitors or the public, is likely to be in extremely high demand. The site is very big, with several different areas being used dependent on the event taking place.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

Fli-Fi uses an existing fibre connection into the main house to create a WiFi network that will provide event connectivity for the rest of the estate. A number of access points with integrated satellite connections are strategically positioned around the site, dependent on the requirements of each event. With these combined and resilient routes it allows for a peak bandwidth of up to 750Mbps down and 300Mbps availability.

Installation Process

Each event has its own network design, that is installed, tested and commissioned on-site prior to the event going live. In every case we are sympathetic to the aesthetics of the estate and the footprints we leave. From setting up connectivity for an onsite taxi rank in the middle of field through to the payment machine in a VIP bar beside the main house, we’ve seen and installed it all.

Support Given

We provide full site-wide support to Stonor Park for their connectivity and so whatever happens they can rely on us to ensure they are able to get on the internet. A combination of on-site and remote support is discussed and agreed for each event to give Stonor Park the peace of mind that their connectivity will just work.


We’ve worked with Stonor Park for a number of years now thanks to the value add of being able to offer reliable connectivity as part of their event space. Stonor Park has gained complete reassurance that working with Fli-Fi, their connectivity will just work, allowing them to focus on providing beautiful and unique spaced for their customers.
"All my dealings with Fli-Fi have been an absolute pleasure. From office to the field they all go the extra mile to deliver the service they have promised. I highly recommend!!"

Ant Greenway

General Manager, Stonor Park

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