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Swallowfield, Reading

The Challenge

Client Requirements

The Swallowfield Show has been running since 1885 and in these more modern times it had fallen to the organisers to provide some kind of internet connectivity for the traders, ticket readers at entrances and production team at the event. As the scale of the show has grown exponentially the organisers felt it was time for a specialist provider to step in and ensure good internet connectivity and WiFi was available for the 150+ traders now exhibiting.

Foreseen Challenges

The event is held over a large site and whilst we had been given some very detailed plans in advance, showing us where all the various stands and traders would be, there are several height variations around the event site so there would be challenges in getting a backhaul connection around the event. Also, the previous year traders had significant difficulties getting connected and would likely be hesitant to try out a new service, particularly if they had any doubts at all about it’s performance or resilience.

The Solution

Solution Proposed

After discussion with the organisers, we settled on using a fibre connection into a local church sent into the middle of the event via a point to point setup. This would be coupled with a dual satellite in a backup and spillover configuration to provide optimum bandwidth. Multiple point to points coupled with a large scale Ubiquiti wireless access point deployment meant that the vast site had full coverage coupled with several wireless networks, each offering further refinements like bandwidth control and application blocking to prevent unnecessary bandwidth usage.

Installation Process

The team attended the event site as soon as practical two days prior to the opening, to install and test all the hardware. In addition, the installation team were on-site the opening morning to address any location changes or issues the traders had once they were established in their locations.

Support Given

In addition to remotely monitoring all hardware back in the office during the event, the Fli-Fi team were onsite for the full three day duration, helping traders get connected where they needed assistance and troubleshooting any issues experienced.


A successful event with a lot of bandwidth available for all of the traders, ensuring their payments went through smoothly coupled with the ability to post promotional and invitational content on social media to their followers.
"What a great event, we are so pleased we chose Fli-Fi to do our WiFi – what a wonderful team."


Swallowfield Horticultural Society

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