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Event Tech Trends to Enhance Your Events

In the fast-paced world of event planning, staying updated with the latest trends is essential for creating unforgettable experiences. Did you know that 87% of marketers say they’re in learning mode when it comes to AI? However, the majority believe that AI will fundamentally transform how they plan and execute events within the next 24 months. With this in mind, let’s explore the top event tech trends to enhance your events that are reshaping the industry, underpinned by reliable WiFi.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Immerse your attendees in captivating virtual worlds and enhance their event experience with augmented reality. Reliable Wi-Fi gives your event seamless connectivity, allowing your participants to effortlessly interact with AR/VR elements, encouraging engagement and creating unforgettable moments. Integrating AR and VR stands out as a significant event tech trend to enhance your events.

Live Streaming

Break down geographical barriers and expand the reach of your events through live streaming. With a reliable Wi-Fi network, you can deliver high-quality streams that engage a global audience, allowing real-time participation from anywhere in the world.

RFID Technology

Streamline event registration and access control with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology, making entry processes swift and efficient. Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity ensures smooth operations, allowing attendees to move through checkpoints effortlessly and enhancing their overall event experience. 


Provide instant support and information to attendees through interactive chatbots. With a stable Wi-Fi connection, these AI-powered assistants can deliver real-time help, answer queries promptly and guide participants through the event, creating a personalised and engaging experience for all. 

Contactless Check-In

Simplify the check-in process and reduce wait times with contactless solutions. Reliable Wi-Fi enables smooth operations at check-in points, allowing your attendees to breeze through registration effortlessly, minimising congestion and setting a positive tone for your event.

Event Diagramming and Digital Floor Plans

Visualise event layouts and seating arrangements with digital tools that enhance planning precision. With dependable Wi-Fi connectivity, event organisers can collaborate in real-time, make instant updates to floor plans and ensure meticulous arrangements for a seamless event experience. Event diagramming and digital floor plans are a great event tech trend to enhance your events.

Event Gamification

Engage attendees through interactive games and challenges that add a fun element to your event. Supported by stable Wi-Fi connectivity, gamification features encourage participation, foster networking opportunities and create a vibrant atmosphere that keeps guests entertained and involved. 

Wearable Technology

Track attendee metrics discreetly and gather valuable insights through wearable devices. Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity allows seamless data collection. You can also monitor attendee engagement and tailor experiences based on real-time feedback, enhancing the overall event experience for all participants. 

Multi-Use Branded Event Apps

Centralise event information and networking opportunities through branded mobile apps. With a reliable Wi-Fi network, attendees can access event schedules, connect with other participants, and engage with interactive features.  This creates a personalised and interactive event experience tailored to their needs. Multi-use branded event apps offer a versatile event tech trend to enhance your events.

Attendee Accessibility Tools

Break language barriers and promote inclusivity with live translation services. Supported by reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, live translations can be delivered seamlessly, ensuring all attendees can engage with content in their preferred language, fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing overall event accessibility.

AI Integration

Leverage artificial intelligence to enhance attendee experiences and streamline event operations. With reliable Wi-Fi supporting AI applications at your event, you can use data-driven insights, automate processes and deliver personalised experiences that drive attendee engagement, productivity and satisfaction. 

In a world where innovation and connectivity intersect, reliable Wi-Fi is the lynchpin of successful event execution. For expert help and support with your Wi-Fi at your next event, reach out to our experienced team. Contact us via email at enquiries@fli-fi.com or call 020 3778 0454.

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