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Ever changed internet provider at home?

Don’t you just love those ‘life hacks’ which involve the simplest of actions saving you time, effort and energy! Well, we have one for you.


Have you ever changed internet provider? Chances are pretty high that you have. With so many providers out there competing for your business it’s commonplace to be chopping and changing quite frequently. Trouble is, when you change to a different provider they only go and send you a brand new wireless router – lovely, as it means you get a shiny new piece of kit but that’s until you turn off the old one and turn on the new one.


In the modern ‘connected home’ you’ve got a couple of wireless TVs, you and the family all have mobile phones, there’s a laptop or two, the heating system, the ring doorbell…..you get the picture, it was great changing provider but now you have to spend half a day connecting everything to the new network and plugging the password into all the devices. Don’t get me started on how long those fiddly TV remote controls are to put the password in.


But wait. It doesn’t have to be this way…

  • Simply change the wireless network name (SSID) and password to the exact same as your old provider’s router. All your devices will just automatically connect and continue to work as if nothing ever happened.
  • All routers have an admin area, which is usually easily accessible from your browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox etc). The instructions for access and the password will be written on the router itself – once in, you just change the SSID and password then save. We found this handy guide in case you struggle with the technicals
  • It should take about 2 minutes to do at most. It might just save you 30 minutes or more, along with ensuring you keep a full head of hair if those TV remotes are anything to go by.


Here at Fli-Fi we specialise in temporary WiFi and connectivity for business but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognise ways to improve your experience at home. Follow us or keep an eye out for more top tips and WiFi help from the experts. We are experienced in providing temporary connectivity and WiFi into some really challenging environments, from a household name brand providing a one off experience three floors underground in a concrete structure – to large scale civil engineering sites around the UK.

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