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Has your Business Continuity plan been invoked in light of Coronavirus?

In light of the rise in cases of Coronavirus within the UK, companies have started to implement business continuity plans to protect workforces and try to mitigate the spread of the virus. Sony, Arquiva and Chevron all either made the decision to either move staff to alternative office locations within the last few days, or to ask them to work from home, in an attempt to dissipate their workforce, keep staff safe and reduce the risk of people within the business infecting each other should one case be discovered.

Many would say that this is a sensible approach. After all, why risk people’s healthy and operational continuity when the majority of us can work from home just as efficiently nowadays? Cloud technologies enable a collaborative workspace regardless of location, with up to date information sharing across sites. For companies with redundant offices it is precisely this scenario that the money is invested and so it is surely better to play it safe and err on the side of caution.

When it comes to connectivity for the dissipated workforce Fli-Fi’s backup internet services (assure connect) have been designed for just such an eventuality, enabling companies to receive a business grade temporary internet solution within hours to use for as long as is required. Whether this is a day, a week or a number of months, it enables businesses to stay connected with enough bandwidth for all mission critical (and non-mission critical) systems and can cope with a large number of staff connecting at the same time..

The simple plug and play solutions come with a 4 hour response time and have generally been scoped out in advance, but should a company not have a disaster recovery solution in place, following a simple conversation around requirements we can have it to you within hours, ready for all staff to log onto. You simply plug it in and turn it on and we manage it from there. Never before has a business continuity solution been so simple.

We hope that businesses and the UK won’t be adversely affected any more than they are already, but if you’re in need of a short term internet connection for business then contact us to get the ball rolling. We can move fast and give you peace of mind that your business can continue to run.

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