Temporary WiFi


Simple to very complex temporary solutions with next day deployment to any location.

Starting from £499.00

Your dedicated failover solution integrated with your site or with 4 hour deployment SLA.

Starting from £399.00


Fli-Fi’s temporary WiFi solutions deliver immediate connectivity for all types of workplaces inc offices, sites, remote locations etc. enabling your team to be productive straight away. We work across all sectors so it doesn’t matter what your company does we can provide fast, reliable connectivity.

Available for short term or long term hire, we can have you up and running with business grade internet within 24 hours.

Our mobile WiFi solutions support construction sites, pop-up businesses, office relocations and corporates with contract-free WiFi hire from a single day up to a rolling monthly term, all without tying you in, meaning your internet connection can be as agile as your business.

With our carrier aggregated modems and 5G optimised kit we can deliver speeds of over 500Mbps for hundreds of staff, even in challenging office locations. All of our services are fully supported by our highly responsive UK engineers to give you added peace of mind.


Does It

Our systems utilises the already existing mobile data networks that cover over 98% of the UK mainland and once initiated locks onto a base station with the highest through put. Once the internet has established a stable connection the system is ready to accept users onto the open Wi-Fi network. The users would select the appropriate wireless network and be presented with a splash page, enter the relevant mandatory details and then authenticate to the network. Simple.

How It Works

The Fli-Fi Solution is a wireless network that can be deployed at any location without the need for mains power*.

The plug n play solution is completely scalable to suit the amount of end users and connection speeds required.

It’s commercial grade internet gateway provides the greatest data throughput connection is established ensuring minimal contention issues with other event goers.