internet delay temporary access options

internet delay temporary access options

If you are moving office or setting up a new office and have ordered internet connectivity for your business then you need to consider what you will do while you wait for that fixed line connectivity to be installed.  It’s not always as clear cut as the provider installing in the first week after order or having the connection ready for when you really want it.

It can take months and sometimes into years where complex wayleave is required before complications have been resolved and the installation can take place, leaving you with an internet delay.

Can I use something temporary?

Broadly speaking, if your business just needs to be able to access the internet, any method will do.

It is realistic to expect that you are moving because you urgently need growth space or business demands are driving that growth, so simply being able to get onto the internet for emails and communicating with customers, file storage and administration may be all you need to enable that immediate move rather than waiting.

We have put our considerations for you below so you can ensure that any decision making on what you do when faced with a gap in connectivity is made in a more informed way.

What are my options?

Obviously you can choose to wait until your connection is ready before you move, however we are making a presumption this is not viable and anyway, who wants to have someone else dictate when your business can move or grow?

Satellite connectivity is a possibility.  It’s an option which offers you a guaranteed bandwidth, regardless of your location, so it’s great if your new office is based in a very rural or challenging environment.

Using satellite will often ensure that you have a large amount of data available for your use. with speeds of around 10-20Mbps.  The downsides of using satellite though are that it requires a reasonably large dish to be located or mounted on your premises with line of site to the appropriate satellite in the sky – its not always viable to have that kind of installation, plus it’s also an expensive way to assure connectivity and can involve a reasonably long minimum subscription period.

4G or 5G is a proven frontrunner for those situations where you need connectivity, with little or no contract involvement and great speeds.  It’s simple to establish connectivity in all but the most rural of environments.

With speeds ranging from 20Mbps to 150Mbps on 4G, it enables even the most demanding businesses to carry on whilst waiting for their fixed line to be installed.

Fli-Fi offers a delayed internet installation Gap Connect service where a PaWxe unit capable of connecting your entire office via multiple 4G networks can be shipped, often on the same day, to ensure you have connectivity very quickly, with experience gained over many temporary internet case study client installations to reflect on.


Fli-Fi is a UK based WiFi specialist, delivering connectivity to temporary and challenging environment along with event WiFi to corporate brands, production companies, festivals, event organisers, construction sites and pop up shops.  If you would like further information about hiring WiFi or to speak to our experts you can contact us on or 020 3778 0454.

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