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BackUp Connectivity


Fixed Line
Delivery Gap.

Instant connectivity whilst you wait for your fixed line.

You have placed an order for your leased line, FTTC, EFM circuit or broadband and your provider confirms what you really don’t want to hear “It will be at least 30 days before installation….”  The trouble is, your business needs to be operational and working in the next few days and without internet access, you may as well all pack up and go home.

This is where Fli-Fi step in with our connectivity gap hire.

We hire units which provide internet access for you until your fixed line connectivity has been brought into service.  With our PaWxe units, we are capable of providing even the most demanding of offices with a solution to the break or wait for connectivity between your order or required by date and delivery.  Using available 4G networks, we provide a fully managed service for your office and can supply within very short timeframes if you need it.  We provide a bespoke solution to match your requirement.

If for any reason you are wondering if 4G will be good enough – we have previously provided over 100Mbps speeds using our PaWxe units.

Business Continuity +
Disaster Recovery.

Affordable and reliable backup internet when you need it most.

Fli-Fi’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions deliver:

  • Rapid wireless internet access deployed to any site in the UK
  • Fully managed WiFi solutions, configured ready for use
  • SLA options to suit your budget and response requirements
  • The peace of mind that your business will always be online

Fli-Fi supplies temporary internet and WiFi connectivity to help your business to operate under Disaster Recovery (DR) conditions and we can be a key part of your Business Continuity (BC) plans.  If your connectivity and internet access is disrupted, we can get you back online quickly and easily with our portable WiFi solutions, whilst you focus on getting the business back to full service.

Choose from our two models:

Subscription basis

  • Strict deployment SLAs
  • Pre-configured and ready to use
  • 2 tests a year

On-demand basis

  • No deployment SLAs
  • Configuration/testing required
  • One off charging structure

Our subscription services are the most beneficial.  We can ensure a Service Level Agreement to match your need and really tailor the solution for all of your businesses specific risks, however if you just simply require urgent connectivity for your office because of a cut line, failed connectivity delivery date or temporary alternate accommodation we can provide for one off call-outs.

Want to know more? If you’re interested in talking to us in more detail, or to obtain a quote please contact us

Does It

Our systems utilises the already existing mobile data networks that cover over 98% of the UK mainland and once initiated locks onto a base station with the highest through put. Once the internet has established a stable connection the system is ready to accept users onto the open Wi-Fi network. The users would select the appropriate wireless network and be presented with a splash page, enter the relevant mandatory details and then authenticate to the network. Simple.

How It Works

The Fli-Fi Solution is a wireless network that can be deployed at any location without the need for mains power*.

The plug n play solution is completely scalable to suit the amount of end users and connection speeds required.

It’s commercial grade internet gateway provides the greatest data throughput connection is established ensuring minimal contention issues with other event goers.