Live streaming and sports

Case Study


Live streaming and sports

The requirement was to provide connectivity to Brackley Town Football Club during the 2021 government restrictions which prevented them from having fans at matches.  They wanted to live stream footage and allow press on the far side of the pitch to be able to connect to the internet but had no existing infrastructure at the club, with their new clubhouse under construction.


Centrally located LTE (4G) router coupled with multiple outdoor wireless access points and a point to point taking signal across the pitch to allow for hardwired camera connectivity and additional external wireless access points.


We want you to know that as well as being able to install and support permanent installations, we can combine a variety of technologies to ensure that we can get coverage around unusual and challenging environments.  We really enjoyed working with Brackley Town FC and the fantastic spirit they have, so much so that we decided to sponsor a board around the pitch too – so our logo can now be seen when they are streamed or on TV.

Yep, this sounds just like what I need